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Husband and wife Ken and Donna Wright designed seminars addressing surviving relatives who are left to carry on and manage a deceased family member’s estate. In those seminars, the attendees were given a notebook that would allow them to put details of their legal, financial, medical, household and personal information, and post-mortem wishes. As a result of these seminars, the Wright couple publishes its by-product Suddenly Alone.

Despite the fact that aging and death are difficult to talk about, Ken and Donna Wright think that people must prepare for these inevitable life phases. In this book, readers will be able to plan for and create their own ‘Personal Operating Manual,’ which can be used by a family member when he or she is suddenly left alone upon the death or disability of a loved one.  This practical guidebook describes the necessary legal documents to protect one’s assets. It also specifies the health directives and choices to be made in handling one’s arrangements after death.

Suddenly Alone provides a wealth of information to help one create a comprehensive estate planning guide, collect necessary information about one’s life, live a healthy and safe lifestyle, and prepare for when one has to consider alternative living arrangements.